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twos classes

The toddler classes accept children aged 2 years and up. This age group builds on skills that were obtained in the infant and toddler age groups in order to provide a safe and happy environment for the children to become more independent. Problem solving, concept formation, cooperation and self-help skills are introduced.

The Twos classes follow the Louisiana Believes curriculum which ensures Kindergarten readiness beginning at age one. This curriculum follows that premise that children can learn through play. The children in this age group will have access to centers such as: blocks, housekeeping, books, music, dramatic play, manipulative play, art, physical activities, and outdoor play.  This age group also covers shapes, colors, letters, and numbers.
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All meals, including snacks, are provided by the center. 

Parents in this age group must supply:

disposable diapers and/or pull ups, and baby wipes for pre-potty-trained children.

Children being potty trained must provide an adequate supply of training pants and at least 2 changes of clothes at all times.