The toddler classes accept children aged 12 months and up. In this age group, the children begin to follow a more structured schedule allowing set times for play, curriculum and learning, nap time, meal times, etc.

The Toddler A class is the age group in which curriculum begins. We follow Louisiana Believes curriculum which ensures Kindergarten readiness beginning at age one. This curriculum follows that premise that children can learn through play. The children in these classes have access to centers such as: blocks, soft toys, large manipulative toys, musical toys, physical activities, and outdoor play.  We also begin to cover shapes, colors, and numbers 0 - 5. 
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Meals and sippy cups are provided by the center. However, if the child is not on table food, or does not take a sippy cup, parents must provide baby food along with bottles.

Children in this age group take one nap a day, on a nap mat. Nap mats are provided by the child's parents. 

Disposable diapers and wipes must be provided by the child's parents. 

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