Kids World

HAMMOND, LA, 70403

infant classes

Children aged 6 weeks and up are welcomed into our infant classrooms at Kids World Daycare. This age group is nurtured by individually caring for each child's growth and development.

The routine in this classroom is well-balanced considering the different needs of each individual baby including: feeding times, play times, nap times, individual hygiene needs, etc.

Parents supply: 

adequate pre-filled (capped and labeled) bottles with the appropriate amount of formula, baby food (unopened and labeled with the child's name), disposable diapers, baby wipes, and several changes of clothing. As stated, all bottles and their caps must be labeled with your child's name. If a child eats table food, he/she will follow the same snack and meal schedule as the toddlers. We will provide rice cereal and applesauce for the infants. All bottles will be heated in a bottle warmer, or by hot water. Baby food will also be warmed in the bottle warmer or straight from the jar. No bottles or food will be heated in a microwave. 

A cuddle gram will go home daily with children in the infant classrooms.